Autors: Patil S. M., Petkov, P. Z., Bonev, B. G.
Title: A prototype model design of wideband standard reference rod-dipole antenna for 3-axial EMC measurement with hybrid balun for 0.9 to 3.2GHz range
Keywords: Wideband antenna, EMC measurements, Hybrid balun

Abstract: Every electronics equipment must deal with EMC test. The testing laboratory of electronics equipment for radiation emission must have accurately calibrated antennas. The field strength of total radiated radio frequency is average of all incident signals at given point; this incident signal originates from various directions. To measure three components of all-electric field vectors, a tri-pole antenna is most beneficial over conventional antenna because of it responds to signal coming from multi-directions. This paper presents novel three axis wideband calculable rod-dipole antenna with the hybrid balun for the range of 900MHz to 3.2GHz frequencies, the proposed antenna is small in size and functional electrical characteristics. In this paper, antenna key parameters are measured and verified with designed values. In simulation results has observed the return loss (S11) less than -10dB within the frequency range 900MHz to 3.2GHz.



    Advanced Electromagnetics, vol. 7, issue 1, pp. 73-78, 2018, France, DOI 10.7716/aem.v7i1.603

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