Autors: Hrischev, R. N.
Title: Dynamical modeling with Vensim PLE of the process of data collection in the ERP systems
Keywords: modeling, system dynamics, ERP systems, Vensim PLE

Abstract: System dynamics is an effective approach to the investigation of processes in complex systems in various scientific and applied systems. Typical example of such is the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, which are already a major factor in effective and sustainable management in business and public sector. The new technologies IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing has led to a structural change in data collection processes. This article presents a study of the process of data collection in modern control systems with the specialized tool of system dynamic modeling Vensim PLE. A model of the data collection process and the results of the model simulation are presented.



    11th International Scientific Conference “TechSys 2022”, Plovdiv, vol. 2980, issue 1, pp. 020003-1-6, 2024, Bulgaria, AIP Publishing,

    Copyright AIP Publishing

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