Autors: Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G.
Title: Modeling Workflows and Processes in the Cloud ERP Platform SAP BTP
Keywords: modeling, workflows, ERP systems, SAP BTP

Abstract: The paper presents a modeling approach for workflows and business processes within a selected cloud ERP platform - SAP Business Technology Platform. The main features and capabilities of the workflow management service are discussed. A one-step approval workflow for capital expenditure is modelled based on the structural blocks available in the development environment SAP Business Application Studio. Appropriate rule service and decision table are developed for the workflow. The one-step approval workflow is incorporated as a process step within a process template for capital expenditure evaluation and a process visibility scenario is simulated.



    11th International Scientific Conference on Engineering, Technologies and Systems, TechSys 2022, Plovdiv, vol. 2980, issue 1, pp. 020004-1-7, 2024, Bulgaria, AIP Publishing. 978-0-7354-4814-8/$30.00, AIP Conf. Proc. 2980, 020004-1–020004-7;

    Copyright AIP Publishing.

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