Autors: Shopov, Y. M., Filipova-Petrakieva, S. K.
Title: Reducing Power Consumption using Booster Transformers
Keywords: saving power consumption, booster transformers

Abstract: The efficient use of electrical power is essential to our existence, as the energy resources of most Eastern European countries are limited. In the 21st century, this problem is becoming critical because electrical energy consumption is steadily increasing everywhere and energy resources are running out. This paper proposes a relatively simple, economical, and reliable solution to the problem of reducing the power consumption of the network supply by using a booster transformer, working in increasing voltage mode (buck transformer). This solution is applicable at any time of the day or night when reduced power consumption is acceptable without significantly affecting the consumers. It can be successfully applied in the late hours of the night, especially in street lighting systems, illuminated advertisements, household appliances, etc. The paper discusses the working modes of the suggested solution and some potential areas of its application.



    BulEF'2023, 2023, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/BulEF59783.2023.10406240

    Copyright IEEE Xplore

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