Autors: Lazarova, M. D., Svetoslav Markov., Andrey Vassilev.
Title: Logistic probability function: an analysis and modification from the perspective of reaction network theory
Keywords: logistic distribtion, logistic probability function

Abstract: In this work we study some characteristics of growth functions of the logistic type. The standard logistic function and the 2-logistic growth function are solutions of ordinary differential equations derived from the perspective of reaction network theory. These solutions are compared in terms of their shape. We are interested in the new 2-logistic probability distribution and its characteristics. Using the tools of reaction network theory and numerical methods we derive some properties of this distribution.



    Journal of Physics: Conference series,Proceedings of the 15th International Hybrid Conference, AMiTaNS' 23 23,June 22-27, 2023, vol. 2675, issue 0120, pp. 1--7, 2023, United Kingdom, IoP Publishing

    Copyright IOP Publishing, Journal of Physics: Conference Series

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