Autors: Lukinac J., Koceva Komlenić D., Mastanjević K., Nakov, G. N., Mastanjević K., Krstanović V., Jukić M.
Title: Evaluation of visual characteristics of beer using the computer vision method
Keywords: Beer Colour Foam Computer vision Modelling

Abstract: Introduction. The aim of this study was to monitor the colour and stability of foam of different types of beer (light and dark beer) using a non-destructive method - computer vision and digital image analysis. Materials and methods. Beer colour and beer foam stability of different beer types (declared as dark and light beer type) were measured using computer vision method. Beer foam stability, expressed as change in foam height over time, is modelled using an exponential decay model. Measurement of foam decay generally involves measuring beer drainage or the decreasing height of the head.



    Ukrainian Food Journal, vol. 9, issue 4, pp. 780-794, 2020, Ukraine, DOI 10.24263/2304- 974X-2020-9-4-5

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