Autors: Nakov, G. N., Brandolini A., Hidalgo A., Ivanova, N. V., Jukić M., Koceva Komlenić D., Lukinac J.
Title: Influence of apple peel powder addition on the physico-chemical characteristics and nutritional quality of bread wheat cookies
Keywords: Antioxidant capacity, apple peel powder, cookies, fibre, pol

Abstract: Apple peel, a food industry by-product, is rich in fibre, polyphenols and minerals, and is a potentially attractive ingredient for bakery products. To evaluate the effect of wheat cookies enrichment with apple peel powder six types of cookies with increasing apple peel powder percentage (0%, 4%, 8%, 16%, 24% and 32%) were produced. The traits analysed were: pasting parameters; chemical properties (moisture, ash, lipid, protein, fibre and total polyphenols content); antioxidant capacity (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl and ferric reducing antioxidant power methods); physical attributes (width, thickness, volume and CIE lab colour); and sensory characteristics (external appearance, internal structure, texture, odour, taste and aroma). Statistical analysis included analysis of variance followed by Fisher’s least significant difference test (p < 0.05).



    FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, vol. 26, issue 7, pp. 574-582, 2020, United States, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, DOI 10.1177/1082013220917282

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