Autors: Jukić M., Nakov, G. N., Koceva Komlenić D., Šumanovac F., Koljđeraj A., Lukinac J.
Title: Quality assessment of sponge cake with reduced sucrose addition made from composite wheat and barley malt flour
Keywords: Sponge cake Barley malt Flour Sucrose Functionality

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of replacing part of the wheat flour (WF) with brewer's barley malt flour (BMF), while reducing the sucrose in the recipe, on the quality characteristics of sponge cakes. For the production of sponge cake samples, WF and three different types of brewer's BMF (Pilsen, Amber and Black) were used in different ratios with simultaneous reduction of sucrose addition. The content of reducing sugars in WF and BMF was determined, as well as the moisture content and water activity in sponge cake samples. Determination of specific volume, colour in CIEL*a*b* space, texture profile analysis (TPA) and sensory analysis using the nine-point hedonic scale were also performed. The contents of reducing sugars were 0.43, 7.75, 17.05 and 61.02 g/100 g in WF, Amber, Pilsen and Black BMF, respectively.



    , vol. 11, issue 1, pp. 64-77, 2022, Ukraine, Ukrainian Food Journal, DOI 10.24263/2304- 974X-2022-11-1- 8

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