Autors: Lukinac J., Koceva Komlenić D., Lučan Čolić M., Nakov, G. N., Jukić M.
Title: Management of apple and grape processing by-products. A reviewModelling the browning of bakery products during baking: a review
Keywords: Bakery Baking Browning Colour Caramelization Maillard Kineti

Abstract: It was reviewed the results of scientific studies on the presence of non-enzymatic browning compounds in bakery products, the mechanism and factors influencing their formation, as well as the prediction and control of the development of browning in baked goods using mathematical modelling. Analytical studies on the mechanism of browning on the surface of bakery products and the prediction and control of the development of browning in bakery products using mathematical modelling based on already available research articles. The formation of colour in bakery products during the baking phase is commonly known as browning. The brown colour on the surface of bakery products comes from melanoidins (an insoluble brown pigment) and caramel, which are products of non-enzymatic browning reactions (Maillard reactions and caramelization).



    , vol. 11, issue 2, pp. 217-234, 2022, Ukraine, ISBN 2313–5891

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