Autors: Stoilov, V. M., Sinapov, P. V., Slavchev, S. S., Maznichki, V. Y., Purgic, S. -.
Title: Analysis of Lateral Forces for Assessment of Safety against Derailment of the Specialized Train Composition for the Transportation of Long Rails
Keywords: railway; derailment; long rails transportation; FEM

Abstract: This study proposes a theoretical method for evaluating the “safety against derailment” indicator of a specialized train composition for the transportation of very long rails. A composition of nine wagons, suitable for the transportation of rails with a length of 120 m in three layers, is considered. For the remaining recommended rail lengths, the number of wagons is reduced or increased, with the calculation model being modified depending on the required configuration. When the composition is in a curve with the minimum radius (R = 150 m), the rails bend, and some of them come into contact with the vertical stanchions of the wagon and cause additional lateral forces. These forces are then transferred through the wagon body, central pivot, bogie frame, and wheels and act on the wheel–rail contact points. They could potentially lead to derailment of the train composition. The goal of this study is to determine the additional lateral forces that arise because of the bent rails...



    Applied sciences, vol. 14, issue 2, 2024, Switzerland, MDPI, EISSN 2076-3417 /

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