Autors: Goranova., Baeva, M. R., Raykova, V. O.
Title: Influence of non-traditional flours with functional properties on changes of sponge cakes during storage,
Keywords: sponge,cakes

Abstract: Confectionery products are an integral part of the human diet because they can be used as a high density food energy source, it improves the feeling and mood of consumers. Four formulations of sponge cakes made by a partial replacement of wheat flour which were formulation A (100% wheat flour), formulation B (35% cocoa husk powder (CHP)), formulation C (20% Jerusalem artichoke powder (JAP)), formulation D (50% einkorn wholemeal flour (EWF)). Investigated are the changes flowing during storage at 18 oC and 75% relative humidity. This approach evidenced that the evolution of the sponge cakes freshness closely depends on the dynamic of the water in the crumb during storage. The amount of water in crumb cakes reduced during the storage process. It was proved that, simultaneously with the changes in the water states, the qualitative characteristics (structural and mechanical properties) of the crumb of sponge cake had also changed. Higher values of shrinkage and springiness of cake D were



    Indian Journal of Applied Research, vol. 5, issue 10, pp. 492-494, 2015, India, Indian Journal of Applied Research, ISBN 2249-555X.

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