Autors: Vassilev V.S., Ivanova Z.G., Dospeiska E.S., Boycheva, S. V.
Title: Multicomponent GeSe2-CdI2-TeO2 (Bi2O3) systems: Glass formation and properties
Keywords: Glasses, Chemical synthesis, X-ray diffraction, Phase trans

Abstract: The glass-forming regions of the GeSe2-CdI2-TeO2 (I), GeSe2-CdI2-Bi2O3 (II) and GeSe2-TeO2-Bi2O3 (III) systems have been determined. The obtained glassy phases have been characterized by their basic physicochemical parameters such as temperatures of glass transition, crystallization, and melting, density and microhardness. The phase T-X diagram of the GeSe2-CdI2 system, which is the basic joint line for systems I and II, has been specified. Three non-variant equilibria (two eutectic and one syntectic) have been observed at temperatures 350, 280 and 375 °C for compositions containing 15, 95 and 33.3 mol% GeSe2, respectively. A new intermediate phase with probable composition of 2CdI22·GeSe2 has been formed.



    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, vol. 63, issue 5, pp. 815 - 819, 2002, Netherlands, Elsevier Science Ltd, DOI 10.1016/S0022-3697(01)00234-7

    Copyright Elsevier Ltd

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