Autors: Tabakov, S. D., Radulov, G., Radonov, R. I.
Title: VHDL Synthesis of XZ8 – an 8-bit RISC Processor
Keywords: VHDL, Synopsys, DSP

Abstract: One of the latest success stories in ECAD Laboratory is the XZ8 - an 8-bit RISC processor developed exclusively for educational goals. It has very light and understandable hardware structure, but in the same time it is a RISC processor and uses a pure Harvard architecture. Its reduced, in 18 instructions, instruction set makes the XZ8 very convenient for research and a starting point in the area of professional micro Controllers, micro Processors and DSPs. Although the chip was developed for education, it is a. general-purpose processor and can be used in many different applications.



    Proceedings from the 9th International Scientific and Applied Science Conference Electronics 2000, vol. 2, pp. 59 – 64, 2000, Bulgaria,

    Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум