Autors: Simeonova-Ingilizova, M. D.
Title: The professional and personal growth of students of pedagogical specialties through participation in the project „Student practices“
Keywords: students, project "Student Practices"

Abstract: This article examines the impact of participation in the Student Practicum Project on the professional and personal growth of undergraduate education students. By presenting a detailed analysis of the author's role as a university lecturer and academic mentor in the project, it highlights the importance of practical experience in developing the skills and competencies of future teachers. The paper describes specific recommendations for improving the educational process, including support for mentoring, developing reflective skills, and encouraging collaboration within the educational community. Finally, the author emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and the creation of learning communities for sustainable and successful professional development of students.



    Endless Light in Science, issue 11, pp. 21 - 34, 2023, Kazakhstan, Алматы, Endless Light in Science, ISBN ISSN 2709-1201

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