Autors: Mateev, V. M., Marinova, I. Y.
Title: Machine Learning Approach for Nano-Magnetic Fe2O3 Particle Classification
Keywords: Convolutional neural networks, Nanomagnetics, Nanoparticles

Abstract: In this work is presented a machine learning approach for nano- magnetic particle classification. Method is applied by convolutional neuron network (CNN), performed over a large set of TEM image data. Classification process include Fe2O3 particle size, shape, volume and number recognition. CNN training and classification accuracy is verified by Sequential Pattern Search method and Contour tracing method.



    XXXIII International Scientific Symposium Metrology and Metrology Assurance (MMA), pp. 1-5, 2023, Bulgaria, IEEE, doi: 10.1109/MMA59144.2023.10317910

    Copyright IEEE

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