Autors: Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G., Loukas, I., Petrov, P.
Title: Development of Chatbots using SAP Conversational AI in Educational Process
Keywords: chatbot, cloud ERP, SAP BTP, SAP Conversational AI

Abstract: The paper presents examples of software chatbots development using the SAP Conversational AI service within a leading cloud ERP system - SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform). This cloud-based ERP system allows free use after registration and is suitable for the development of graduate diploma thesis by students. This is an opportunity for advanced students to gain specific knowledge and practical skills in cutting-edge technologies such as AI development and integration, cloud-based ERP systems and platforms.



    AIEL 2023, pp. 7, 2023, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 2682-9517

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    Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум