Autors: Petkov, A. B., Karkamov, I.
Title: Performance Optimization of a Web Map Service Implementation in a Geographic Information System Using On-Disk Cached Images
Keywords: WMS, GIS, perfomance optimization, cache invalidation

Abstract: The primary task of a Web Map Service is to return a raster image of a map in response to a request for a specific area of that map. Often, many clients would request the same area multiple times. If the map has not changed since the last request, generating the same image every time is inefficient. In this paper, we implement a file cache mechanism that allows a Web Map Service to respond with an already rendered image if one is available, and also provides cache invalidation, so if the requested portion of the map has changed, a new image is rendered and cached.



    48th International Conference on Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2022, vol. 2939, issue 1, 2023, Bulgaria, AIP,

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