Autors: Petkov, A. B.
Title: An Integrated Web-based System with Geolocation for Objects of the Cultural and Historic Heritage
Keywords: GIS, VR, cultural heritage

Abstract: Presenting the cultural and historic heritage to the people traditionally involves visiting specific places, where objects of the cultural and historic heritage are available to see in an attractive setting. Presenting the same objects in a digital form has the challenges of preserving both the attractiveness of the presentation and the awareness for the geographical location of the objects being presented. In this paper, a content management system, a geographical information system and a virtual reality module are fused together to create a system that responds to these challenges. We show real-world examples using the Bulgarian cultural and historic heritage.



    48th International Conference on Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2022, vol. 2939, issue 1, 2023, Bulgaria, AIP,

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