Autors: Gospodinova, M. M., Nikolova, B. M., Radonov, R. I.
Title: Methodology for Custom Analog Monolithic Block Design in CADENCE Environment
Keywords: CMOS, standard cell design, CADENCE

Abstract: Abstract: The range of today's microelectronics applications is being shifted towards analog monolithic circuits and mixed analog-digital components. In the same time the analog design methodology has not kept pace with that of digital design. In our case designers had to adopt the limitations imposed by technologies and software tuned for digital applications, and should in some way resemble the human approach to imprecise analogue design problems. We mainly concentrated on the standard and low-cost digital CMOS process and tried to include new analogue domain knowledge and design methods for new analog circuits using the CADENCE software package. Here some modifications offlows needed for the realization of a full - custom analog circuit using the CADENCE software are discussed The well - known "top-down" analogue synthesis approach is used. The complex design tasks are partitioned into smaller sub-problems and resolved separately. Our approach does not imply a change of technology,


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The Seventh Edition of the International Conference Electronics '98, vol. 1, pp. 49-54, 1998, Bulgaria, ISBN 954-438-243-7

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