Autors: Kasabov, P. P., Dochev, B. A., Dimova, D. P., Zagorski, M. H., Kamburova G. Y.
Title: Investigation of the microgeometry of the surfaces of АlSi25Cu4Cr and АlSi25Cu5Cr alloys after turning
Keywords: mechanical processing, microgeometry of turned surfaces

Abstract: The aluminium-silicon alloys AlSi25Cu4Cr and AlSi25Cu5Cr are subjected to different types of heat treatment (T5, T6 and T7). The micro- and macro-hardnesses of the compositions were measured, and a quantitative phase analysis was carried out. After mechanical processing (turning), the roughness class of the treated surfaces of the studied alloys was measured. The influence of the type of tool and the distribution of strengthening phases on the microgeometry of the turned surfaces is discussed.



    18th International Conference on Tribology - Serbiatrib`23, pp. 743-746, 2023, Serbia, ISBN ISBN: 978-86-6335-103-5

    Вид: публикация в международен форум