Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Dochev, B. A., Dimova, D. P., Zagorski, M. H., Kasabov, P. P., Panov, I. T.
Title: Investigation of the wear of aluminium-silicon alloys tribosystems under reversible friction with lubrication
Keywords: aluminium-silicon alloys, heat treatment, tribosystem

Abstract: Non-standard alloyed piston aluminium-silicon alloys of eutectic and hypereutectic type are subjected to heat treatment T6. The wear of the contact system (tribosystem) in boundary friction mode with lubrication during reciprocating motion was investigated. The mass wear of the elements of the tribosystem was measured - sample and counterbody after a certain path/time of friction under set constant conditions - load, sliding speed, path/time of friction, type of oil. The wear characteristics of the elements involved in the tribosystem were calculated - mass wear, wear intensity and wear resistance. The influence of the structure on the wear resistance of the investigated aluminium-silicon alloys is discussed.



    18th International Conference on Tribology - Serbiatrib`23, pp. 54-57, 2023, Serbia, ISBN ISBN: 978-86-6335-103-5

    Вид: публикация в международен форум