Autors: Stoynov, Y. D.
Title: Fundamental solution for functionally graded Magneto-Electro-Elastic plane
Keywords: MEEM, BIEM, fundamental solution, Fourier transform

Abstract: Cracked functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic materials (MEEM) are considered here. The material is subjected to anti-plane mechanical and in-plane electric and magnetic external load. To improve the computational speed a new derivation of fundamental solution by the Fourier transform is presented. The obtained result is used further to solve various crack problems in macro and nano level based on the BIEM.



    48th International Conference on Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2022, Sozopol, Bulgaria, vol. 2939, issue 1, pp. 100012-1 - 100012-9, 2023, United States, American Institute of Physics Inc., DOI 10.1063/5.0179299

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