Autors: B, D. V., Nevrokopliev K.
Title: Investigation of the influence of virtual lifelike agents within an interactive game
Keywords: virtual lifelike agent, game playing, individuality

Abstract: This paper reports on the results from an investigation of the impact of virtual life-like agents (LVA) with various individualities on people, playing an interactive game. A version of a poker game, similar to those, realized by the casino poker machines, has been developed. Two virtual agents with different characters have been modeled – a cheerful and emotional one, and a reserved and serious one. The idea is to check which of the two agents will urge the players to play longer, to put down bigger stakes and with which of the agents the losses will be greater.



    International Scientific Conference Computer Science’2011, 2011, Macedonia, ISBN : 978-954-438-914-7

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