Оригинал (Original)
Автори: Танева, А. М., N. Muskinja., B.Tovornik., Петров, М. Г.
Заглавие: FPID controller: Real time application
Ключови думи: Fuzzy PID control, Neuro fuzzy structure

Абстракт: This paper presents a neuro-fuzzy structure of a fuzzy PID controller. The main advantage here is that the equation of clasical PID control low is used as Sugeno function in the fuzzy rules. Hence designed fuzzy PID controller can be viewed as a natural similarity to the conventional PID controller. An implementation of the controller in Matlab and Simulink environment is shown and described. Real time application is carried out via OPC server to three cascaded water tanks with level control. The comparision with optimal tuned PID controllers is made to verify the validity of the designed fuzzy controller and the promising online connection.



    0-7803-8278-1, том 3, 2004, България, Варна, IEEE Xplore, DOI 10.1109/IS.2004.1344848

    Издателските права се държат от Proceedings. 2004 2nd International IEEE

    Autors: Taneva, A. M., N. Muskinja., B.Tovornik., Petrov, M.




      , 2004, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/IS.2004.1344848

      Copyright Proceedings. 2004 2nd International IEEE

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