Autors: Rizanov, S. M., Yakimov, P. I.
Title: The Technological Ecosystem of Modern Wildfire Detection: A Review
Keywords: Early detection, Forest Fire, Hazard Detection, Wildfires

Abstract: Wildfire detection has been at the focal point of many research works in the past 20 years due to the nonmaterial and material damages that they cause. Within this work we present an in-depth review of the modern technological ecosystem of wildfire early detection. Discussed have been wildfire propagation modeling, wildfire risk assessment, environmental contributing factors, forest fire emitted particulates. Presented were wireless sensor node systems, watchtower, satellite-based, unmanned aerial vehicle and narrow-band hyper-spectral methods for detecting wildfires.



    2023 XXXII International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2023, 2023, Bulgaria, IEEE, doi: 10.1109/ET59121.2023.10278698

    Copyright IEEE

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