Autors: Pandiev, I. M., Badarov, D. H.
Title: Development of Laboratory System for Study of Discrete-Circuit Implementation of Basic LC Oscillators
Keywords: analog circuits; engineering education; oscillators

Abstract: This work presents the structure and the principle of operation of a laboratory system intended for laboratory practice in the course of Analog circuitry. The developed laboratory system has functional capabilities for experimental testing of two oscillator circuits generating sine waves, namely the LC oscillator with transformer-based positive feedback (Meissner oscillator) and the Colpitts oscillator. The developed laboratory system is intended for use by second-year students in the Bachelor's degree programs in "Electronic Information Systems" and "Automotive Electronics" at the Technical University of Sofia. Also, the system can be used for laboratory work in the course "Electronic Modules and Systems - Analog and Digital" studied by third-year students in the Bachelor's degree program of "Aeronautical Engineering".



    XXXII International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), pp. 6, 2023, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/ET59121.2023.10279645

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