Autors: Shiev K., Shakev, N. G., Topalov, A. V., Pavlova, P. E.
Title: Real-time Stabilization and Visual Tracking Control of a Mini-quadrotor Rotorcraft
Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicles, quad-rotor rotorcraft, real-time control, nonlinear control

Abstract: Research on unmanned aerial vehicles marks significant progress in the recent years. A very important task at the design stage of autonomous flight control algorithms for this type of aircrafts is the verification of the obtained simulation results by conducting real-time experiments. Implementation of the control strategies in real-time applications requires considerable time and efforts to develop appropriate hardware and software, integrating control algorithms and providing means for monitoring the performance of the system under control. In this investigation an approach to build a real-time laboratory flight control system for the miniature quadrotor rotorcraft Draganflyer V Ti is proposed using rapid prototyping in Matlab/Simulink environment integrated with the QUARC real-time control software.



    International Conference AUTOMATICS AND INFORMATICS’11, pp. B-169-B-172, 2011, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-1850

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