Autors: Обретенов В.С.
Title: Experimental study of runners for vertical axis wind turbine
Keywords: wind turbine, blade, runner, test stand, TSR

Abstract: The work presents the results of experimental study of a wind turbine with a vertical axis. Research to make on test rig № 7 in the laboratory of hydropower and hydraulic turbomachinery of the Technical University of Sofia. Examined the characteristics of a wind turbine, whose runners are working with cylindrical blades. It is made planned physical experiment varied the values of the number of blades, the runner diameter and angle of insertion of blades on the grid of the runner. As a result of these studies is the inadequacy of the resulting models (objective function are the values of TSR).


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Proceedings of the Conference COFRET 2012, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 350-353, 2012, Bulgaria, Avangard Prima

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