Autors: Pavlova, P. E., Borisova E., Naradikyan H., Angelov T.
Title: Temperature Dependence of Chromaticity in Polimer-dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
Keywords: thermochromic liquid crystals, polymer, thermometer

Abstract: Research on the biological effects and on a critical temperature alarm indicators for fire safety often requires the use of non-metallic and reliable temperature sensors. For such applications we investigated the temperature dependence of the spectral response of a mixture polymer/thermochromic cholesteric liquid crystal (TCLC). We observed the chromaticity of the transmitted light in accordance with the temperature changes. We have to emphasize that with the fiber UV-VIS spectrophotometer a spectral response of such prepared polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) cell in the temperature range 60-70 oC was detected. The spectral response of the liquid crystal in its active temperature range shows that a thermochromic liquid crystal indicator may be practically used as a precision thermometer.



    Nanoscience &.nanostructured materials application and innovation transfer, issue 4, pp. 220-222, 2003, Bulgaria, HERON Press Science Series, ISBN 954 –580-160-3

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