Autors: Shakev, N. G., Tombakov J., Kalvatchev I., Akin L., Topalov, A. V., Pavlova, P. E.
Title: Control System Architecture for an Autonomous Quadruped Robot
Keywords: Autonomous robot, Control system architecture, Locomotion, O

Abstract: The Sony Legged Robot League is an international robot competition that has been launched within the RoboCup initiative. Sony’s quadruped robot AIBO has been adopted as a hardware platform, so the competition in this league is on a software level. The competition rules do not allow remotely controlling robots in any way and the robots are entirely autonomous. Their onboard 64-bit RISK processor provides enough computational power to perform image processing, localization and control tasks in real time. The only information available for decision-making comes from the robot's onboard camera, built in proximity sensors, sensors reporting the state of the robot's body (like the built in acceleration sensor and gyroscope). In this work, the architecture of the control system developed for the legged quadruped AIBO robot which is a joint effort of Boğaziçi niversity and TU Sofia Plovdiv branch, is presented. The control system is designed for participating in the Sony quadruped league on



    ”. 5th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots-CLAWAR’2002, pp. 264 – 268, 2002, France, ISBN 1-86058-380-6

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