Autors: Pavlova, P. E., Koleva K.
Title: Technique for tracking and visualization of motion in sequence of images of the solar corona
Keywords: visualization of the motion, solar corona, image processing

Abstract: The material represents specialized methodology for tracking and visualization of the motions in sequence of pictures of the solar corona. The performance includes: 1. Preliminary processing of each frame: initial analysis and elimination of atmospheric scattering of light, image improvement using Gaussian filtering and a sharpen filtering for emphasizing of the contours; 2. Processing to the series: clipping the area from the currently processed frame, alignment of the clipping area with the same area in the initial frame, forming an image from the maximal brightness for each pixel of each picture of the sequence, calculation of the time-spatial gradient, determining of the direction of gradient changes and visualization of the motion by transfer to saturation and colour hue for each pixel. This technique is used for development of a special computer program working with pictures in FITS and JPG graphic formats.



    VI Serbian – Bulgarian Astronomical Conference, issue 9, pp. 207-216, 2008, Serbia, Astron. Soc. ”Rudjer Boškovic”, ISBN 978-8689035-02-5

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