Autors: Hinov, N. L.
Title: A Unified Approach to the Analysis of DC/AC Converters, Based on the Study of Electromagnetic Processes in a Series RLC Circuit
Keywords: current source inverters; DC/AC converters; resonant inverte

Abstract: This paper presents a unified approach to the analysis of DC/AC converters based on an equivalent representation of their AC circuit as a series RLC circuit. The resonant DC/AC converter with reverse diodes was chosen as the basis of the examination, and the obtained ratios for this device were used to derive the main ratios describing the operation of the other types of DC/AC converters—voltage source inverters (VSI) and current source inverters (CSI). Based on the commonality of electromagnetic processes in power circuits, the expressions for the current through the inductance and the voltage of the capacitor are found in a compact form with their initial phases. The base ratios found through the analysis are normalized to the control frequency, thereby summarizing all possible operating modes. In this way, electromagnetic processes in a whole class of power electronic devices are described from general positions, which is convenient from a methodical point of view.



    Electronics (Switzerland), vol. 12(4), 2023, Switzerland, MDPI, Basel, Switzerland,

    Copyright MDPI AG

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