Autors: Uzunov T., Deneva, M. A., Uzunova P., Nenchev M.
Title: Applications of single laser pulse from Nd:doped lasers for cleaning of small diameter carious lesions. Modelling and analytical study
Keywords: cleaning initial carious lesions, Nd:dopped lasers, bacteric

Abstract: We report on an analytical study with physical modelling, some additional experimental studies and computer programming of the cleaning of initial carious lesions (1 - 3 mm in diameter) with a single laser pulse from Nd:doped lasers (wavelength 1.06 μm). The analysis is based on experimental data from our preliminary study and aims to develop a method to predetermine the necessary laser pulse parameters for reasonable cleaning. To obtain such laser pulse parameters, we considered the conversion of light energy into heat, the propagation of incident light and the resulting heating of the dental tissue, the induced ablation processes associated with lesion cleaning, and the formation of the necessary hole in combination with acceptable heating of the pulp chamber and prevention of enamel crack formation. Cleaning is naturally associated with the bactericidal effect. The use of single light pulses of the lsers (1.3-4.5J;40-120 J/cm2;~2 ms) can be considered as a promising method.


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ICSQE 2022, Paper in J. Physics, vol. 2487, issue 1202, pp. 1 - 5, 2023, United States, IOP Publishing, USA, DOI : 10.1088/1742-6596/2487/1/012022

Copyright Institute of Physics Publishing

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