Autors: Bodisova E., Pavlova, P. E., Petkova El., Troyanova P., Avramov L.
Title: Optical Biopsy of Human Skin – A Tool for Cutaneous Tumours’ Diagnosis
Keywords: Optical biopsy, Authofluorescence, Diffuse reflectance, Base

Abstract: short review of the recent status of optical biopsy of human skin as a tool for cutaneous tumour detection will be presented. Basically laser- and light- induced fluorescence and diffuse reflectance techniques incorporated in so called “optical biopsy” technique used for skin tissue analysis will be described and some original results and findings from our own investigations will be commented as well. Fluorescence spectroscopy gives information mainly about changes in the biochemical content, and diffuse reflectance about morphological changes and pigments’ concentrations in the human skin. Both techniques are applied separately and as a common tool for early skin cancer diagnosis, give high accuracy and objective diagnosis, applicable into the clinical practice



    International Journal Bioautomation, vol. 16, issue 1, pp. 53-72, 2012, United Kingdom, ISSN 1314-1902

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