Autors: Pavlova, P. E., Borisova E., Avramov L., Petkova El., Troyanova P.
Title: Investigation of Relations between Skin Cancer Lesions’ Images and Their Fluorescent Spectra
Keywords: skin cancer, colorimetry, spectral analyses

Abstract: This investigation is based on images obtained from healthy tissue and skin cancer lesions and their fluorescent spectra of cutaneous lesions derived after optical stimulation. Our analyses show that the lesions’ spectra of are different of those, obtained from normal tissue and the differences depend on the type of cancer. We use a comparison between these “healthy” and “unhealthy” spectra to define forms of variations and corresponding diseases. However, the value of the emitted light varies not only between the atients,but also depending on the position of the tested area inside of one lesion. These variations could be result from two reasons: different degree of damaging and different thickness of the suspicious lesion area. Regarded to the visible image of the lesion, it could be connected with the chroma of colour of the tested area and the lesion homogeneity that corresponds to particular disease.



    Laser Physics, vol. 20, issue 3, pp. 596-603, 2010, United Kingdom, IOP Publishing Limited, ISBN 1054_660X

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