Autors: Bodisova E., Troyanova P., Pavlova, P. E., Avramov L.
Title: Pigmented skin tumors diagnosis based on laser-induced autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Keywords: laser-induced autoêuorescence, diffuse reêectance, melanin, malignant melanoma, dysplastic nevi

Abstract: Results of investigation of cutaneous benign and malignant pigmented lesions by laser-induced autoêuores- cence spectroscopy (LIAFS) and diffuse reêectance spectro- scopy (DRS) are presented. The autoêuorescence of human skin was excited by a 337-nm nitrogen laser. A broadband halogen lamp (400 ë 900 nm) was used for diffuse reêectance measurements. A microspectrometer detected in vivo the êuorescence and reêectance signals from human skin. The main spectral features of benign (dermal nevi, compound nevi, dysplastic nevi) and malignant (melanoma) lesions are discussed. The combined usage of the êuorescence and reêectance spectral methods to determine the type of the lesion, which increases the total diagnostic accuracy, is compared with the usage of LIAFS or DRS only. We also applied colorimetric transformation of the reêectance spectra detected and received additional evaluation criteria for determination of type of the lesion under study. ..



    Quantum Electronics, vol. 38, issue 6, pp. 597-605, 2008, Russia, ISSN 1063-7818

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