Autors: Angelova, J. S.
Title: Analysis of the attractive sectors of the Bulgarian economy to create products with high added value
Keywords: gross production value, high added value, total product, mar

Abstract: The article is concerned to the problems of creating products with high added value as well as identification of the attractive sector of the Bulgarian economy. Before the analysis of the Bulgarian sectors with high added value in the report is given some time to the elements forming the gross production value. The concept of value added is considered and level of added value is described. The five sectors in the Bulgarian economy, which have the potential for innovation and creation of products with high added value was distinguished. A detailed analysis of some of the most attractive sectors in Bulgaria is made, which have the potential to innovate and create products with high added value. The necessity of possess a competitive economy based on knowledge is justified.



    International Scientific-Applied Conference “Modern Problems of the Enterprise Management: Theory and Practice, pp. 5, 2015, Ukraine, Ukrine, ISBN 978-617-7257-39-3

    Copyright Conference in Ukrine

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