Autors: Angelova, J. S.
Title: Angelova J., A comparison between the prices of electricity network services to the regulated and free market
Keywords: Electrical efficiency prices (EE); Balancing the electricity

Abstract: Sharing the costs for balancing the electricity system is an important step towards full liberalization of the market, in line with the other countries in the European Union, where all clients pay the costs for balancing energy system. It can’t be denied the indisputable progress of the liberalization process of the Bulgarian electricity market. The topic of "liberalization" is no longer unknown to stakeholders in the energy sector, from both the supply and in demand stand points.



    International Scientific-Applied Conference “Modern Problems of the Enterprise Management: Theory and Practice, pp. 11, 2015, Ukraine, Ukrine, ISBN 978-617-7257-39-3

    Copyright Conference in Ukrine

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