Autors: Angelova, J. S., Karov Ilija., Argilovski Aleksandar., Minovski Robert., Jovanovski Bojan.
Title: Effective bottleneck analysis through simulation: a Lean case study
Keywords: bottleneck analysis, simulation, Lean, production, improveme

Abstract: In this paper, the simulation is described as one of the best approaches for performing bottleneck analysis and process improvement. Further in the content, the bottleneck types are presented, the reasons for their occurrence as well as the methods for identifying the bottleneck in the process. The emphasis of this paper is the proposed methodology and the improvement and analysis of the bottlenecks using the simulation method. With the help of simulation software - Technomatix Plant Simulation, a production process for wooden chairs has been programmed for analysis. With the Bottleneck Analyzer tool, the process is analyzed and the bottlenecks are identified. The data obtained from each analysis were used to improve the model by experimenting with the basic model. From the experimentation process, few more improved models have been obtained, each with increased productivity than the previous one.



    XX ISCME’22, pp. 10, 2022, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-6327

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