Autors: Minkov, D. A., Nedelchev L., Angelov, G. V., Marquez E., Blagoeva B., Mateev G., Nazarova D.
Title: Hybrid Dispersion Model Characterization of PAZO Azopolymer Thin Films over the Entire Transmittance Spectrum Measured in the UV/VIS/NIR Spectral Region
Keywords: innovative dispersion model; PAZO polymer; thin film; optica

Abstract: Notwithstanding the significant optical applicability of PAZO polymer films, there are no accurate data about their optical characteristics. To remedy this shortcoming, in this study three PAZO polymer thin films are characterized, with dissimilar thicknesses, on glass substrates using only one UV/VIS/NIR transmittance spectrum T(l) per sample and an original hybrid dispersion model (HDM). HDM is based on the Tauc–Lorentz model, the new amorphous dispersion formula, the Tauc–Lorentz–Urbach model of Foldyna and the Tauc–Lorentz–Urbach model of Rodriguez. HDM with two oscillators is employed in characterizations of the PAZO polymer films in the range [300, 2500] nm, whereby the root-mean-square deviation (RMSD) of the fitted transmittance spectrum with respect to T(l) does not exceed 1.6 _ 10????3. Decreasing RMSD by 2.3% to 94.4% is demonstrated by employing HDM compared with the above mentioned four popular dispersion models, for each one of the studied films. HDM is applicable to amorp



    Materials, vol. 15, issue 23, pp. 8617, 2022, Switzerland,

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