Autors: 1. Vita, V., Fotis, G., Chobanov, V. Y., Pavlatos, C., Mladenov, V. M.
Title: Predictive Maintenance for Distribution System Operators in Increasing Transformers’ Reliability
Keywords: distribution system; distribution transformers; k-means clus

Abstract: Power transformers’ reliability is of the highest importance for distribution networks. A possible failure of them can interrupt the supply to consumers, which will cause inconvenience to them and loss of revenue for electricity companies. Additionally, depending on the type of damage, the recovery time can vary and intensify the problems of consumers. This paper estimates the maintenance required for distribution transformers using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This way the condition of the equipment that is currently in use is evaluated and the time that maintenance should be performed is known. Because actions are only carried out when necessary, this strategy promises cost reductions over routine or time-based preventative maintenance. The suggested methodology uses a classification predictive model to identify with high accuracy the number of transformers that are vulnerable to failure. This was confirmed by training, testing, and validating it with actual data in Colombia’s Cauc



    Electronics, vol. 12, issue 1356, pp. 1-23, 2023, Switzerland, MDPI,

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