Autors: Malakov, I. K., Zaharinov, V. V., Nikolov, S. N., Dimitrova, R. K., Stambolov, G. S.
Title: Classification of Automatic Doors
Keywords: automatic doors; classification; hierarchy; automation; engi

Abstract: The present paper proposes a classification of automatic doors. It includes research on automatic doors, that are used in different application areas. The classification is composed of six classification criteria, each having further branching, forming a tree-like hierarchy. In the definition of the classification criteria, an aim at maximizing orthogonality is sought. The criteria are explained in detail, examples of existing solutions are given and classified according to the criteria. The proposed classification is with an open structure, so it can be easily extended. The application area of the classification is in engineering design, aiding in the early stages of design, when market research, requirements list creation and concept generation are carried out.


  1. Zaharinov, V., H. Hasansabri, I. Malakov, 2022, Classification of Automatic Doors, Vienna, Austria, 27-28th October 2022, <Vienna>, DAAAM International


Annals of DAAAM and Proceedings of the International DAAAM Symposium, vol. 1, issue 33, pp. 115-122, 2022, Austria, DAAAM International, DOI 10.2507/33rd.daaam.proceedings.017

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