Autors: Slavkova, M. D., Miltchev, R. I., Milanov, K. G.
Title: Computer-Aided Design of Current Transformer for Power Electronics Converters with Voltage Feedback
Keywords: CAD/CAM/CAE, current transformer, digital twin, power electr

Abstract: The article presents implementation of a computer application for current transformer design, based on classical methods, into the design of specific transformer. The transformer is produced with toroidal magnetic core, based on magnetic material with Flat hysteresis loop and provides galvanic separation in power electronic converters between the power and the control unit. In the previous works the basic requirements to soft magnetic materials for the toroidal magnetic core, design parameters as well the estimation of the current transformer errors are discussed. Also the computer aided design was described and illustrated with a part of the user interface. The new approach in the article is to incorporate a computer application for particular application - design of transformer that operates in current mode.


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2022 22nd International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies (SIELA), pp. 1-4, 2022, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/SIELA54794.2022.9845731

Copyright IEEE

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