Autors: Sofronov, Y. P., Dimova, K. D.
Title: Developing a Methodology for Design of Patient-Specific Plate Type Implants and Defining the Relative Deformation of the Implant
Keywords: implantology, implant

Abstract: Nowadays, one of the common fields where Engineering collaborates with Medicine is the field of Implantology where the cooperation between engineers and surgeons results in creation of personalized implants. The aim of those innovations is to create a methodology from the beginning of the process, where the CT (computer tomography) scan data of the injured area is received to the end of the process where the implants are inserted. After the Virtual Prototyping the Physical prototyping could be accomplished with additive technology—the technology of 3D printing. In some clinical cases, the additive technology via 3D printing is very suitable for creating patient-specific implants, because of the variety of the materials. In the whole process are involved group of researchers including engineers and neurosurgeons. The research is based on introduced design process solution which consists of six steps and few proposed software. The research focuses on the design of a patient-specific imp



    , 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-303088464-2

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