Autors: Todorov, T. T., Romanov, B. G., Sofronov, Y. P.
Title: Design and simulation of mould tools with conformal cooling system based on multi-shot moulding technology
Keywords: conformal cooling, mould tools, mold tools

Abstract: The work presented is a comparative analysis between conventional and conformal cooling systems based on multi-shot moulding technology. The paper shows the effects of different cooling systems on each of the stages of injection moulding. The main benefits and uses of implementing conformal cooling systems are clearly defined. The effects of geometric optimization of the tested model and the effects of simulated filling process are explained and analyzed for the purpose of the paper. Furthermore, a methodological approach is presented, showing the process of selecting rates of operation, an analysis of the properties of the materials, the establishment of a control parameter and preemptive simulations.



    , 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-073544397-6

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