Autors: Sofronov, Y. P., Zagorski, M. H., Todorov, G. D., Gavrilov, T. T.
Title: Approach for reverse engineering of complex geometry components
Keywords: reverse engineering

Abstract: This paper study present an approach for part recognition, process known as “Reverse engineering” using turbine blade component as an example. It has a complex geometrical shape and it’s produced from specific material, who should work under high thermodynamical stress. To fulfil the task different 3D scanning technologies were evaluated and as a result the laser triangulation was used for geometry acquisition. Geometry creation in mesh to CAD software was explained step by step. Elemental analysis with Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy(EDX) for material characterization was used. The result from presented approach for reverse engineering is a solid CAD model with defined material, capable for production.



    BulTrans-2019, pp. 69-75, 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1313-955X

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