Autors: Khlynov, R.D., Ryzhova, V.A., Yarishev, S.N., Konyakhin, I.A., Korotaev, V.V., Shelepin, Y.E., Djamiykov, T. S., Marinov, M. B.
Title: Analysis of Polarization Images in the Microphysical Blood Parameters Research for the Hematocrit Diagnostics
Keywords: blood; non-invasive monitoring; portable polarizing system;

Abstract: The development of non-invasive optoelectronic technologies for human blood monitoring is one of the important research areas for medicine. A critical analysis of optoelectronic methods of blood research and the micromechanical systems based on them is carried out in this article. A design realization of a polarizing portable system for non-invasive monitoring of hematocrit as one of the basic homeostatic constants of the human body containing information about the microphysical parameters of blood cells has been substantiated. A physical model of polarized radiation conversion in a video information system of laser sensing of a biological research object has been formed. Visual and quantitative differences in the spatial distribution of polarization parameters of the scattered radiation for the states of the body with different hematocrit levels have been revealed.



    Micromachines, vol. 13, 2022, Switzerland,

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