Autors: FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K., Shopov, Y. M.
Title: Supply voltage control using booster transformers
Keywords: reduced network supplying voltage, booster transformer, tran

Abstract: In some situations, the electrical consumers are supplied by the reduced power supply voltage. In this paper, a solution to control the supply voltage with a step of 5 % between 5 to 35 % is suggested. It is realized by 3 transformers with secondary windings connected in series to the network voltage. When the voltage supplied to the consumers falls below the permissible value, switching off one, two, or three of the transformers is carried out. As a result, additional voltage is added to the network supply. A problem with the functioning of transformers is the switching between on and off states. During the commutation, they are in “a current transformer” mode. In this paper, a solution to this problem is proposed and an analysis is performed to study the transients in the circuit in the primary of the transformer. The efficiency of the suggested solution is confirmed by OrCAD PSpice simulations. The final results confirm the reliability and effectiveness of the suggested solution.



    BulEF'2022, 2022, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-166549026-9

    Copyright IEEE Xpolre

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