Autors: Zashev, G. S., Dimitrov, V. V., Stoimenov, F. O., Arnaudov, D. D.
Title: Comparison Between Digital and Analog Compensation for VRM
Keywords: SMPS, digital compensator, PWM, transfer functions, dynamics

Abstract: Fulfilling the tight requirements of automotive grade switched mode power supplies depends on the optimal design of its compensation network. Choosing and implementing the right type of compensation can make or break the dynamic performance of the converter. For this reason, this paper examines both digital and analog compensators and their behavior.



    XXXI International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), pp. 1-4, 2022, Bulgaria, IEEE Xplore, DOI 10.1109/ET55967.2022.9920327, ISBN:978-1-6654-9878-4

    Copyright IEEE

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