Autors: Kostov, I. Y., Mihaylov, B. R., Spasov, V. K.
Title: Experimental analysis of the supply voltage quality of induction motors with PWM converters
Keywords: electromagnetic compatibility, induction motor electric driv

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental analysis of the harmonic content of the supply voltage in induction motor electric drives. The drives are fed by voltage and frequency converters with autonomous voltage inverters with sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation. For the purpose of analysis a laboratory stand is developed for measuring non-sinusoidal periodic signals. The stand consists of an induction motor, frequency converter, digital storage osciloscope and harmonics analyzer. The quantitative integral evaluations of non-sinusoidal periodic voltages are obtained based on the V/f=const and V=var; f=const control law. The analysis is carried out in Simulink environment by the fast Fourier transform Analysis Tool in SimPowerSystems Toolbox for Matlab. Conclusions are drawn about the supply voltage quality and the possible application of converters for the supply of induction motors in operation modes.



    International Scientific Conference on Engineering, Technologies and Systems TECHSYS 2017, pp. II-111 - II-114, 2017, Bulgaria, Technical University – Sofia, Plovdiv branch, ISBN ISSN Online: 2535-0048

    Copyright Technical University – Sofia, Plovdiv branch

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